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VAT Notice 707: VAT Personal Export Scheme

NZ customs info

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Guide to importing a vehicle to NZ

Entry certification for imported vehicles

Potential cars Edit

SLK 2011 £14,158 dark grey (Beck Evans)

SLK 2011 £14,992 silver (Beck Evans)

SLK AMGs (Vikings, Canterbury)


NZ Used Vehicle Entry Certification testing (e.g. by AA):  ~$450

Registration (one-off, includes 12m licence):  ~$450


Official factsheet says, "estimated that the total cost for a vehicle to undergo the quarantine inspection and border check, clear Customs, be issued with a VIN, be certified for registration and be registered and licensed is approximately NZ$800 to NZ$1000."

Don't bother steam cleaning in the UK as MAF will probably do it again anyway.

Driving licences Edit

You can legally drive in New Zealand for up to 12 months if you have either a current driver's licence from your home country or an International Driving Permit (IDP). After 12 months you are required to convert to a New Zealand licence.


If you have a valid overseas driver licence you can convert your licence to a New Zealand licence for the equivalent classes on your overseas licence. You need to visit a NZTA driver licensing agent to do the conversion application. 

The agent will process the application, check your identification, take your photograph and a sample signature for your licence and check your eyesight. Fees apply.

As we are from the UK we do not need to complete any theory or practical driving tests.


Link to Official NZ road code


Residents who have owned a car for 1 year abroad can import it without paying any tax.  All other importers will attract tax (GST) at 15% of the vehicles CIF value (purchase price, freight and insurance premium NOTE - Uncertain is they apply full cost of 20' shipping container or just the proportion used for the car). Please note that there is no duty on motor vehicle being imported into New Zealand (except on motor homes). An allowance for depreciation may be made depending on length of ownership overseas, see below.

  • Less than 90 days ownership - 0%
  • 3 months or more but less than 4 months - 13%
  • 4 months or more but less than 6 months  - 20%
  • 6 months or more but less than 9 months - 27.5%
  • 9 months or more but less than 1 year - 35%
  • 1 year or more but less than 2 years - 50%
  • 2 years or more but less than 3 years - 60%
  • 3 years or more but less than 4 years - 70%
  • 4 years or more - 75%


Therefore, try to get more for Mary's trade in and pay less for her new car to lower GST liability.

Personal Export SchemeEdit

You can claim back the VAT on UK purchases which are then exported (i.e. £6k on a £36k car).  This applies to all new cars and some used (those that are VAT qualifying - basically, ones where the VAT is separately stated on the invoice).  I would assume that the GST depreciation allowance is not applied in this case, so you'd pay the full 15% (unconfirmed).  Note:  there may be an issue with needing to drive the car to export destination (but seems unlkely).

  • EU residents who intend to leave the EU and remain outside it for at least 6 months
  • EU resident who is emigrating, you may only use the vehicle during the last 6 months before you emigrate.

Beck Evans can manage the shipping & tests for $3,400 (insurance not included).  They also offer some VAT qualifying used cars.  This is likely an excellent idea for Steve's car.

Export process.

1. Find car. Many dealers won't sell new or nearly new (<6m old) cars to you. Per VAT 707 (the guidance on the Personal Export Scheme), they are not obliged to sell to you under this sceme, so you can't push it.

2. Get you (or their) hands on a VAT 410 form (quadruplicate, top form is blue). This is fairly self explanatory, but there are a few odd things:

(a) Despite what it says in 8.4 of VAT 707, there's no such thing as a serial number. I called the tax office number in that document, was put through to their PES team, and they said to ignore it.

(b) What they did say was necessary, but not mentioned, was the VAT number of the dealership. In all probability, this is what was meant by "serial number".

(c) If you don't have an invoice number yet (because they're not selling until they have their VAT 410 authorisation), then include the order number instead of the invoice number, noting that an invoice has not yet been reaised (and make all that fit in the relevant area!).

Relative cost & availabilityEdit

In June 2014, there were no TTs on the main dealer site.  Only 2 suitable post-2010 on TradeMe:

  • TT S-Line  $60,000 -- 2013 -- Unspecified engine -- Unspecified drive -- 500 miles -- Petrol -- Auto -- Indy dealer
  • TT  $50,000 -- 2010 -- 2.0L -- 4WD -- 25,000 miles -- Petrol -- Auto -- Indy dealer

Therefore, if you want a TT you have to ship it.  Main dealer cost UK:

  • TT S-Line  £31,000 -- 2014 -- 2.0L -- 4WD -- 1,000 miles -- Petrol -- Auto -- Main dealer
  • TT  £26,000 -- 2013 -- 1.8L -- FrWD -- 2,088 miles -- Petrol  --Auto --Indy dealer



1st Move International

Elite Shipping

John Mason  Less than excellent experience.

VAT Qualifying car sellersEdit

Beck Evans

Saxton 4x4 (4x4s, duh!)

4Front (cheaper, Birmingham)

Vikings (Mercedes)



Toyota Land Cruiser

Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Freelander 2



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