Annual licence.  Every dog requires a licence and must wear coloured dogtag.  Cost $87, reducing to $55 if have Responsible Dog Owners Licence (although have to be in NZ for 12 months before applying).  Must arrange within 14 days from import date.

Owning more than one dog may require a permit (in Auckland, Auckland Central (the isthmus)).  This involves an inspection, to make sure the animals and environment are suitable, and the payment of a fee.  It also involves securing the consent of the property owner and the adjoining neighbours, which makes it unlikely that it can be secured by those renting. 


Beaches/parks have different rules onwhether dogs are allowed or not and whether they have to be on a leash if allowed.  Generally, Auckland Central is fairly restrictive, often requiring them to be leashed and only in the mornings/evenings, whereas the North Shore, Manukau and Waitkere are far more permissive.

Department of Conservation land (i.e. National Parks).  General rule: no dogs.  Some areas allow dogs on leash, fewer off leash and some require permits.


Wishbone (Duck, Lamb Salmon)


Renting.  Most will expect your dogs to stay outdoors.  City regs require fully-fenced yard.  Vast majority of rentals are "no dogs", but will relent if offer larger bond, offer to get professional cleaner and say will regularly poop scoop.  Also helps if say dogs won't sleep in house (set them up in garage).  You will likely have to speak to the owner rather than the agent, so properties advertised in TradeMe might be easier.  Alternatively, see the place and ask when viewing.

Emergency rental options:  some bachs and some motels will allow dogs.

Campervan.  Probably won't allow dogs in their vans.  Many campsites are "no dogs".

Relocating dogs to NZ

The Ministry for Primary Industries recommends that you engage a professional pet exporter.  They publish a detailed Guidance Document.

The UK is a Category 3 Approved country.


Minimum 10 days.  Forum opinion seems to favour Pethaven as a smaller, more rural operation.  Apparently it's often better to use the Auckland ones with medium size dogs or larger, even if moving to Wellington or Christchurch, as otherwise the connecting flights can greatly lengthen the transit time for the dogs.  After quaratine is up, collect by car.

Qualified Pet Services (30 mins Cockle Bay, 40 mins Mairangi Bay).

Pethaven Quarantine Services (50 mins Cockle Bay, 60 mins Mairangi Bay).


Golden Arrow.  Most recommended.  Shropshire based. Internal transfer from Manchester airport to Heathrow is the only negative.

Nearby kennels if need long term boarding:
Nipstone.  Undiscounted cost for 2 dogs £17/night.

Passports for Pets.

Airpets.  Heathrow based.  Possibly the most expensive.

Pet Air UK.

Animalcouriers.  West Sussex.


Microchip and rabies at least 6 months before are the ones to watch.

Rabies titre test.  Golden Arrow say 3-4 weeks after caccination.  The Canigen vaccination datasheet says the 0.5 U.I. level can be reached 2-3 weeks after immunisation, with the ideal time being 3 weeks after.


Official Government Veterinarian: 

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