Work to Residence (Talent - Accredited Employer) VisaEdit

Partner not covered by WTR visa.  Has to apply for partner sponsered work visa (best done at same time).

Can take as little as 5 days to process, including partner's work visa.

At any time, a person may apply for residency via the normal points process.  Having a job will add points to the process.  So it is possible to apply for residency before the 2 years is up.

Those with a Talent (Accredited Employers) visa must normally apply (for them and their dependants) for Residence after 2 years and then Permanet Residence after a further 2 years.  This requirement is waived if the visa holder earns more than $90k per annum [RW2.1].  In that case, Permanent Residence may be applied for directly after 2 years.

Work to residence

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