I brought a 20' container filled with furniture and 'stuff'. I didn't bring any appliances. I bought new appliances in NZ (everything from a fridge to a toaster) for not much more than I would have paid for them in the U.S, but I shopped carefully and bought on sale. I brought my U.S. table lamps and had them rewired in NZ. I didn't bring garden tools, etc. as I couldn't be bothered cleaning them and mine were in need of replacing anyway - but wished I had. Things like a shovel, wheelbarrow, etc. are a lot more $$ in NZ.

Mattresses/boxsprings are expensive....though you can find some deals on sale. I find most kitchen/bath things in NZ competitively priced. I just bought towels on sale at Briscoes and found them to be about the same price as the U.S. If you bring North American beds, make sure you bring enough sheets for them as NZ mattresses from single to king are just a bit smaller than the US equivalent. On the other hand, good wool blankets are cheap. Kitchenaid mixers are very expensive in NZ so I will tell my daughter in law to pack hers. We found that her sewing machines and serger will work in NZ with a transformer. All in all, there aren't many things that I wished I'd brought with me.


Furniture--especially decent beds--are expensive here. Clothes are too, but the differential is slowly improving.


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